Free Body Education Method

Our initiative aims to change the perception of people on different scales. At first we want to bring people closer to Contemporary Dance and to show them that they don’t have to be professional dancers to express themselves through dance. We also want to bring people closer to Eastern philosophies and practices, through Butoh and Sufi Dance, which can be very useful to them in everyday life. These techniques are based on spirituality and can help our students to face the issues such as stress, and bring more peace and tollerance in their lives. We also work to create an artistic bond between Italy and Croatia as we want for people to open more to each other and learn how to collaborate and exchange ideas easily. We want for our idea to grow so that we can include more artists from different countries.

Damiano Fina

Performance Artist, Butoh Dancer and Teacher

Contemporary and Dance Theatre Teacher, Sufi Dance Researcher

Maja Lauric