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About The Free Body Education Method


About The Free Body Education Method

Our initiative is an experimental research about trying to find the way to transform the teaching of Contemporary Dance through the Pedagogy of Expression and to make it more suitable to respond to existing and emerging issues of the contemporary living, such as globalization, migration, human rights, education for peace, dialogue and tollerance.

As we have similar interests about arts and living philosophies, we have decided to start this project together. We are two artists, Damiano Fina from Vicenza, Italy and Maja Lauric from Sibenik, Croatia who met at the University Roma Tre in Rome during the specialization Master’s Degree in Pedagogy of Expression. Damiano is Performance Artist and Butoh Dancer and Teacher and Maja is Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre Teacher and Sufi Dance Researcher.

We decided to start this research project together. Our goal is to create a new method called Free Body Education which will help people to express themselves in a creative and non conditioned way and will help them to connect with themselves and the others. Our first project is divided in three parts:

  1. Preparatory activities from January-May 2017 which we performed independently, each with his/hers own groups of students. During this period we met one weekend every month, in Rome, because we needed to exchange our experiences and decide about possible path changes, if necessary.
  2. The second phase was the intensive week in June 2017, during which we have reasoned about the results which we achieved so far and we talked about the activities yet to perform.
  3. As a third step we have a workshop, scheduled for October 2017, a three day intensive weekend which will be held in Croatia and will finish with a performance opened for a public. The workshop will help to definitely put together all the work which has been done separately in Italy and Croatia and will give us the opportunity to show the results of our research to the public.

Our hope is to continue with the research for the years to come and to develop the method which will be divided in levels, from basic to advanced, and certificated, in a way that it can be taught on a larger scale and in every part of the world.

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