A global and local dimension for teaching of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

A global and local dimension for teaching of Contemporary Dance


A global and local dimension for teaching of Contemporary Dance

Through our Free Body Education Method we are trying to find a new way to teach Contemporary Dance by reinterpreting it thanks to the use of Pedagogy of Expression, which is based on the Mimic Method. So the new method that we are trying to develop is based on Contemporary Dance, especially german dance theatre, which we merge with Butoh and Sufi dance technique and philosophy, and starting from there, we apply to it excercises belonging to the Mimic Method.

The result is creating a new, contemporary way to express and move but with oriental philosophy influence and completely free from any conditioning, which is the characteristic of traditional teaching methods. It is also innovative because we managed to create a channel that permits to Croatian and Italian contemporary dancers to communicate in more direct and fast way.

Thanks to our efforts our communities are capable to learn the techniques which are quite rare and difficult to find, as Butoh, Mimic Method and Sufi dance. The global-local dimension of our initiative regards three different but connected points: the first one is the fact that once that our method is completed, we will bring it to a level of certification so that it can be used in the whole world.

In the second place, it has global/local dimension because it is based on Butoh, which is a form of Japanese dance theatre, and on Sufi dance, a meditation in movement, originally from Persia, which we bring to our local communities through our courses and workshops. Both techniques are quite rare in Europe and it is necessary to travel a lot to be able to study them, so we consider these teachings as a gift to our local communities.

In the third place, our initiative connects the artists from Croatia and Italy, and as it grows, we will ask other artists from other countries to join. We keep the channel open for other techniques which are similar from aesthetic and spiritual point of view.

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