Maja Lauric

Contemporary Dance

Maja Lauric

Maja Lauric is a Croatian Theatre Dance Teacher and Performer and Sufi Dance Researcher. She studied ballet, modern/jazz and Nikolais Contemporary Dance Technique at Dance Gallery – Professional Training Center for Modern and Contemporary Dancers in Perugia, Italy.

She is currently attending a Master in Pedagogy of Expression at University Roma Tre in Rome. Her work is inspired by Sufi Poetry and Philosophy and is a continuous research of peace, harmony and individual wellbeing through free movement and expression. Her goal is to create a method which would help people to connect with their inner self and discover their true potential through contemporary dance.

She also works as Artistic Director of Croatian Association “Kulturni Krug” which brings together young, non-recognized artists and other talented people to help them express their artistic ideas. One of the goals is to create an artistic platform for exchanging ideas with the artists from other countries.

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